“We were so fortunate to find Pennie to help my adult son, She was able to quickly assess many of the challenges that were keeping William from succeeding. Pennie not only helped him organize his home and his schedule; she created a plan to assist him in learning how to get transportation and successfully navigate enrolling in school. In an amazingly short of period of time, Pennie has changed his life in so many ways. We are so thankful for what she has helped my son achieve.”

(name withheld for privacy)

“Pennie is marvelous. She is trustworthy and patient. If you are thinking about hiring an organizer, then you are uncomfortable with some element(s) of your home. It is scary to imagine hiring a stranger to come into your house and touch your stuff. You have to get used to the idea that you will be uncomfortable. You will become less uncomfortable and more hopeful. Pennie will not judge your situation. She is absolutely steadfast regarding privacy. She has not spoken of other clients to me and I’m confident that she does not talk about me to other clients. I promise that it’s freeing to edit cumbersome contents and a relief to know where things are. This is my fourth organizer so I’m kind of a tough nut. Pennie is a keeper.”

(name withheld for privacy)

“Pennie helped me immensely in my efforts to organize 35 years of accumulated “stuff” and decide what to do with it as I downsized. Her contacts and her energy made the transition much easier for me.”


“I can’t say enough about Pennie’s approach to organizing…and to people! She made a mountain of a job seem so effortless, a “mountain” we had stressed over for so many years. Pennie came in and instantly made us feel like it was going to be okay and before we knew it, it was better than okay. It was amazing! She gently engaged with my mom so that her fears about change turned into excitement about this beautiful new space. I really cannot say enough…we are so appreciative of the work she did for us!!!”

Toni D.

“During a challenging period of transition in my life, I was faced with the overwhelming task of sorting through and disposing of a lifetime of accumulated treasures. Pennie  calmly and systematically helped me outline an achievable, organized plan. Step by step she worked with me to successfully meet my goals. She is highly skilled, efficient, and trustworthy as a professional organizer and I strongly recommend her services.”

Susan R.

“We worked well together and accomplished a lot.”