“I can’t say enough about Pennie’s approach to organizing…and to people! She made a mountain of a job seem so effortless, a “mountain” we had stressed over for so many years. Pennie came in and instantly made us feel like it was going to be okay and before we knew it, it was better than okay. It was amazing! She gently engaged with my mom so that her fears about change turned into excitement about this beautiful new space. I really cannot say enough…we are so appreciative of the work she did for us!!!”

Toni D.


“During a challenging period of transition in my life, I was faced with the overwhelming task of sorting through and disposing of a lifetime of accumulated treasures. Pennie calmly and systematically helped me outline an achievable, organized plan. Step by step she worked with me to successfully meet my goals. She is efficient, highly skilled, and trustworthy as a professional organizer and I strongly recommend her services.”

Susan R.